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Kevin Sorbo on “Chatty Kathy”

April 30, 2010 3 comments

Hi, all, sorry I am late posting this. Kevin appeared on the webcast program, “Chatty Kathy,” with host Kathy Nance while filming “Soul Surfer” in Hawaii, complete with a cute blooper at the end. The archival time is limited, so please watch this great interview ASAP!

Also, please see the link to her fine three-minute demo. Thanks, Kathy!!!


(Photos courtesy of Affirm Films and Kathy D. Nance)


Kevin Sorbo at the Vatican?

April 19, 2010 9 comments

You will love this story and photo from Devanjan from India, who met Kevin while visiting the Vatican in early April:

Hercules at Vatican last weekend!!!

And I am not talking about the sculptures of the club-wielding half-God I was paying to see inside the museum. He was the walking, talking kinda hero from my kid days of 1997-‘98 when I was hooked on the teleseries (“Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”) in India.

Speaking of old memories, during those days, me and my kid brother (he is terribly devastated that he couldn’t shake it up with Kevin at the Vatican and I did!) were such die-hard fans of Iolaus and Herc (that) at exams time when no T.V. was allowed at home, we would sneak into any unsuspecting neighbors’ (house) and request and catch the episodes! Long way since then indeed!

And we both brothers hit the gym later because of the quest for (a) Kevin Sorbo-esque physique (OK, OK… maybe we both are just fit and no more than that!), but both of us encourage others to do so. It’s something we will keep with us forever.

Since then, I have been following (Kevin’s) works, and am proud of devoting my time to read the works of a big-hearted man!

The most incredible thing (at the Vatican) was that I could pick out and get hold of Kevin in a most relaxed environment, not in some queue or barrage of fans, and only months after I had collected the DVDs of all seasons of “Hercules” from Italy, since I could not get them in India, and brought back old memories! Then seeing him in person most unexpectedly!! Certainly adds to the experience!

We shook hands, and he had a large smile on learning that I came from India, and obliged me with the photo you see here.

What a pleasant surprise it was for me!!!

Go, Kevin, go!!!

Photos of Kevin Sorbo at Jus in Bello Convention

April 18, 2010 3 comments

Here are some great photos from the April Jus in Bello Convention in Rome. Many thanks to Marilu, Francy, Gloria and Joara, Maria, Teresa, Debora, and Annalisa. Last one is from Chris, who met Kevin in Malta. Nice shots, everyone! Please contact me if you wish to contribute.

New Kevin Sorbo chats for Non-U.S. residents!

April 10, 2010 7 comments

Wahooo!!!! I am very, very excited by this news as you can tell!

Teresa will be hosting a new chat on the Kevin Sorbo Fans Unite Chatroll for Non-U.S. residents on Tuesday nights at 10 CEST beginning this Tuesday, April 13. You can talk about anything you want, including and especially Kevin…

Please link to the chat here:

Let either me or Gina know if you need help getting there or signing in. You may also add an avatar if you wish, so find those great Kevin pictures!

Welcome to the team, Teresa! Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this! And if anyone else wants to host a chat at any time, please let us know. Yay!

*** Don’t forget! New chat Tuesday nights at 10:00 CEST! ***


*** Update! Update! Update!

Kirsten from Australia agreed to host a chat for our friends “down under” and others awake at that hour. Please join our newest chat, Kirsten’s Korner, every Sunday at 8:30 p.m., UTC/GMT +10 hours (6:30 a.m. EST… I think!). It promises to be enlightening and full of fun!

** Don’t forget! Kirsten’s Korner, Sunday nights at 8:30, some odd Aussie time! 😉 **

Additionally, you can now find us on Facebook here:


¡Wahooo!!!! ¡Estoy muy, muy excitado por estas noticias como usted puede decir!

Teresa recibirá una nueva charla en el Kevin que los ventiladores de Sorbo unen Chatroll para Non-U.S. residentes el las noches de martes en 10 CEST que comienzan el este martes 13 de abril. Usted puede hablar cualquier cosa que usted desea, incluyendo y especialmente Kevin…

se liga por favor a la charla aquí:

deja a me o a Gina saber si usted necesita la ayuda que consigue allí o el pulg. de firma. ¡Usted puede también agregar a un avatar si usted desea, así que encuentra esos grandes cuadros de Kevin!

¡Recepción al equipo, Teresa! ¡Gracias, gracias, gracias por hacer esto! Y si cualquier persona desea recibir una charla en cualquier momento, por favor sepamos. ¡Yay!

¡El *** no se olvida! ¡Nuevas noches de martes de la charla en 10:00 CEST! ***

Want to watch a webcast of Kevin Sorbo’s Golf Tournament? Take this survey!

April 6, 2010 10 comments

Heads up, gang!

Since most of us can’t attend Kevin’s Golf Tournament for WFIT, there’s talk of a possible high definition, interactive webcast of the exciting events. Very, very cool!

We might possibly share the fun with Kevin and his guests via the internet! But, you need to take a survey to let Kevin and the good folks at WFIT know your opinions.

Please take a few minutes to answer six short questions and leave a comment if you wish.

See the survey here:



      A few things:

  1. Only one survey PER COMPUTER is allowed.
  2. The broadcast would be worldwide, so we can all share it together.
  3. The events would be interactive, which means viewers could submit questions via email through the website. Due to the limited time, only a few questions would be chosen for whatever celebs are attending the parties or playing on the course.
  4.  You would also have access to bid on silent auction items.

OK, now, here’s the deal… You would register to watch, but the registration cost is covered with whichever price you choose. You could either watch the first evening’s events (June 10) for $4.95,  or view both days for $9.95.

The more of us who vote for the webcast in this survey, the more likely it will happen. Nice, huh?

So, get clicking to bring Kevin’s Tournament into our homes!

Kevin Sorbo at Jus In Bello Convention in Rome

April 5, 2010 2 comments

Silvia from Rome attended the Jus In Bello Convention in Rome, Italy this past weekend. Her cute story comes via Teresa and Mara:

Buena tarde and good evening to you my friends. Happy Easter, especially.

As you know, yesterday and today (was) held in Rome at the Hilton Hotel Airport (the) Convention Jus In Bello dedicated to the series, “Supernatural,” where our Kevin participated at the last minute. I live a few km from the hotel, and I did not lose this opportunity to see Kevin. In 12 hours I was at the hotel. I had my ticket and went in!

There were many men and young girls all interested in actors from the series, “Supernatural.”

Finally, I saw him! Here is “my” Kevin (OK, ladies, do not kill me) sitting with a manager as in Belgium (FACTS). There were not many people around him and I got close. I smiled and said, “Hello!” He told me, “Hi! How are you?!?!?” and he kissed me and also hugged me.

Wow! Was superb, and I answered him, “Well, thank you, and you? Then you remember me?”

Kevin: “Well sure! I saw you in Belgium!”

Me: “Yes, yes, of course. So finally you came to Rome. I am glad to see you in my city!”

It was impossible to take photos with him because I had to wait for the official photo session and I did not have the time. In addition, his manager did not want (me to), (and said), “You can only buy the autograph.” Yes, it was very sad, so I made Kevin autograph photos of FACTS that I had with me, and when he saw the photo of my kisses he asked me if he could take it with him

Me: “Well sure! Take it.”

But, after he returned he autographed it. LOL!

Me: “Good Kevin, I hope you have time to visit Rome!”

Kevin: “Yes, tonight I’m going for a walk in the center. I hope to see you!

Me, I thought, “OH, MY GOD!!!!”

It was time to leave. I said, “Goodbye,” and he kissed me two times: small kisses next to my lips.

Wow! A fantastic day! I send you the autographs as proof that I saw him!

April Kevin Sorbo calendars by Loli and Sanne

April 3, 2010 1 comment