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Help Kevin Sorbo to support A World Fit For Kids!

July 20, 2012 3 comments

It’s that time of year again – time for Kevin’s Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament benefiting the Los Angeles-based nonprofit children and youth organization, A World Fit For Kids! (WFIT).

And for the second consecutive year the Kevin Sorbo Golf Tournament Fan Sponsorship proudly teams with his awesome Official European Kevin Sorbo Fan Club (OEKSFC) Birthday Project to raise funds for his tournament and WFIT. Cool!

Unfortunately, Kevin’s 4th year tournament (2012) is postponed until the spring of next year, 2013, due to unforeseen circumstances. Bummer…

The good news is that the amazing OEKSFC will accept donations for the Sponsorship/Birthday Project until September 15, 2012, in order to hopefully present Kevin with his birthday gift at Madrid’s Interstar Convention in October. The annual free online Birthday Book, designed by talented OEKSFC web mistress, Anne, at which you can post your well wishes to Kevin, remains open until September 15, too! Wow!!! Two great ways to show Kevin some love! BTW, you don’t need to be a club member to donate or sign the Birthday Book. So, tell your families and friends tKevin Sorbo Dixon Golf Birthday Bannero join the fun!

According to Lindsey, the OEKSFC club leader, all donators’ names will be posted online at the OEKSFC website, and a special card with their names and the total amount collected to date will be sent to WFIT as Kevin’s birthday present .

Remember: Kevin’s birthday is September 24. Please consider helping to prevent childhood obesity, provide a stellar mentoring program to LA teens and youth, increase graduation rates, and give kids who might not otherwise have hope the opportunity to become greater than their wildest dreams!

You CAN help!!

Donate to the Fan Sponsorship/OEKSFC Birthday Project TODAY!

But, if you can’t give now, the OEKSFC will graciously reopen donations after Christmas (date to be determined) so that by the tournament’s prospective date we can raise lots of funds for Kevin and WFIT! Yeah!

Please spread the word, everyone. Kevin and WFIT thank you!


Birthday Book:

My Tournament report:

My Tournament photos:



Kevin and WFIT:

(Photos from Kevin’s 3rd Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament by Jan)


More Kevin Sorbo Groovy Movie News

July 12, 2012 5 comments

Hi, guys. Kevin’s been really, really busy attending Sci-Fi conventions worldwide, playing in golf tournaments to help raise funds and awareness for various charities, speaking at public events regarding his strokes and awesome book, True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal–and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life, and making some fantastic movies that we can’t wait to see!

Here are some brief bits and photos regarding his latest films:

The Whole Banana

**This project is on indefinite hold**

“The Whole Banana,” based on Deb Norton’s popular eponymous play, stars Kevin alongside Dean Cain, Kristy Swanson and Matthew Perry. The film, written by Deb Norton and Valerie Levett and directed by Stephen Wallis, promises to be great fun!

The plot entails struggling artist Fran (Swanson) who is so discouraged by the men in her life that she often prays to the Greek god Hermes (Sorbo) for guidance. Hermes, enamored by her appeals, ventures into Fran’s life and sweeps her off her feet.

Unfortunately for Fran, Hermes only has two weeks on earth.

Two weeks with Kevin Sorbo? Is that really enough?? Look for this film’s release in December of next year.

Please read more information here:

Shadow on the Mesa

Wes, a gunfighter with a dark reputation, believes his long-lost father abandoned them before he was born, and now he believes his father has had Wes’ half-breed mother murdered. In 1883, Wes, in tracking his father, charges into a violent range war fueled by the evil wife of his father as he discovers a half-brother and a difficult and testy stepsister. As Wes learns the truth from a hermit and interaction with his discovered family, he finds redemption and love.

Produced by Larry Levinson Productions

Please see Kevn’s videos here:

Christmas Angel

Every year before Christmas break, the students in Olivia Mead’s class present “My Impossible Christmas Wish” papers, but this year, something unusual is happening. the wishes are coming true. Olivia takes note, because she has a truly impossible wish – for a dad of her own, a husband for her single mom. A complete family. Olivia is soon convinced the answers are linked to a mysterious woman who she believes is an angel. Olivia discovers the mysterious woman, Elsie Waybright (Della Reese) is no angel, and she has plenty of secrets to keep, but she does have the answer to how the Christmas wishes came true. Her unlikely friendship with Olivia shows them both that anyone can be an angel to others, but when the wishes get truly impossible, good angels take the requests to God and not into their own hands.

Please watch Kevin’s cute video here:

Check out Kevin’s Official Website and IMDb page for more info about his other projects.

He’s a happenin’ guy… And if you’re like me, and I know you are, you won’t want to miss ANYTHING!!!!!

(“The Whole Banana” and “Shadow on the Mesa” photos and videos courtesy of Kevin Sorbo;

“Christmas Angel” photos and video courtesy of Pure Flix Entertainment)

Thanks, Kevin Sorbo fans, for three great years of Sorbo Writer’s Blog!

July 11, 2012 5 comments

Greetings, everyone! I was so busy trying to keep up with Kevin and all of your excellent stories that I missed our Sorbo Writer’s Blog’s second anniversary last year. Sheesh! Does time ever fly?!

We are now on our third year of this blog thanks to you, Kevin’s incredible, loyal fans! Many, many thanks for your friendships and support, for sharing this blog, and for continuing to send stuff to me, as well as for your understanding that no matter how tardy I might be with posts, I love hearing from you all and am doing my best to share everything.

So, here are the beautiful artworks created previously by our wonderfully talented artists Evelyne, Mara, Loli, Malena and Aliykat to celebrate 2011, and now 2012.

Thank you so, so much, my amazing friends! Enjoy!

Julia X 3D film review: Kevin Sorbo ensnares his date with seductive charm

July 10, 2012 2 comments

Our dear friend Anne from Germany, one of the Official European Kevin Sorbo Fan Club (OEKSFC) triumvirates, had the opportunity to watch Kevin’s most excellent film, “Julia X 3D,” at the German premiere, 2011 Fantasy Filmfest. She kindly offered her fantastic review and a few film captures. Danke, Anne!

Kevin Sorbo Julia X 1It has to be something exceptional that makes me drive 65 km to Munich in the middle of the night… and it is. It’s the German premiere of “Julia X 3D” starring Kevin Sorbo as The Stranger.

This is my first movie in 3-D, and I enter together with my husband and my friend, Edith. The cinema was great (with) excitement. Despite the late hour, it is unexpectedly crowded.

While I’m still busy with my fancy 3-D glasses, the movie already starts and I’m in the center of the action. The excellent 3-D effects catch me off-guard, so that an uncontrollable “wowwww” escapes my mouth and I sink into my chair still deeper.

The Stranger and Julia are dating in an internet cafe, and I have the feeling to be sitting there myself, when Kevin Sorbo as The Stranger ensnares his date with seductive charm, while Julia (Valerie Azlynn) abandons herself to some erotic fantasies with her attractive counterpart. (… is it suddenly hot in the cinema???)

When Julia wants to leave The Stranger doesn’t approve at all, and a wild, bloody, ingenious horror story that sometimes startles me out of my chair takes its course.

Not one bit of tediousness arises in the story; on the contrary, my nerves are stretched to breaking point during this bloody game of cat-and-mouse. Some funny incidents and humorous dialogue lessen the pitilessness of the story and allow the movie to pass as a horror/comedy.

I was most curious about Kevin Sorbo’s performance as The Stranger. Kevin plays the role of this romantic but utterly loopy and psychopathically serial killer who’s apparently completely insensitive to pain with his usual perfection in an absolutely convincing way. You can see clearly how much fun he had with this movie.

I was fascinated by the outstanding 3-D technique that gives further life to the movie and makes the story look real, and also by the caringly arranged props.

To see this movie was well worth the long way to Munich.

I hope very much that “Julia X” will be in the cinemas soon, and that there will also be a DVD release.

Translation by Edith

OEKSFC movie reviews:

Check out Kevin’s behind-the-scene vids:

(Images courtesy of Anne; no reproduction allowed without the express consent of Anne at SorboDreams)

July isn’t just hot… It’s Kevin Sorbo hot!!!

July 10, 2012 1 comment

Holy Hotness! Are these calendars scorching or what?! Many thanks Mara, Sanni and Loli for your excellent work as always and for sharing it with us! Have drool bucket, will travel…

Kevin Sorbo July calendar Mara