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June Kevin Sorbo calendars: We appreciate all you do for us and for Kevin!

June 5, 2014 2 comments

Hi, guys, so sorry that I didn’t have time to make a calendar this month. But, please enjoy the following excellent artwork by Loli, Sanne and two from Mara!! Many thanks for sharing, ladies… we appreciate all you do for us and for Kevin!  10172825_615488488546675_7217198378592603847_n10329796_615489825213208_722675981328130768_o1382939_640046096015755_303982734_n1375315_646759825344382_851134373_n



One more Gina Nyxx Kevin Sorbo artwork… Thank you, Gina!

January 28, 2014 1 comment

One more great piece of art from my dear friend Gina in Wisconsin in honor of this blog’s fourth anniversary last July. Wow! I really AM behind in posts! Thank you so much, Gina Nyxx!


Gina Nyxx’s tribute to Kevin Sorbo fan, Charline Denis

January 16, 2014 1 comment

Last year the Sorbo fandom lost our beautiful friend, Charline Denis. She was truly a lovely lady and talented artist.

Many of you sent great tributes that I posted here. However, I missed Gina’s, Nyxx Rose, who added these fantastic artworks to honor her. Thank you, Gina!

We miss you, Charline!





Happy 29th Birthday (again), Kevin Sorbo!!!!!

September 24, 2012 4 comments

It’s finally here! International Kevin Sorbo Day! Yay!

No, Kevin doesn’t drop down your chimneys with presents or leave chocolate Kevins in your baskets or anything else you people are thinking. So, stop that!

This is HIS day, no matter how much he hates it. Some of us got together and created presents just for him. We hope you all enjoy them as much as we did making them.

Happy Birthday,  Kevin!!!!

Many thanks to all who contributed:  Loli, Nancy, Mara, Rhonda, Malena, Jan, Carol and Jacqui.



One lovely sunny day I traveled down a new way
Went silently o’er the road and around the bend
Not expecting adventure, not expecting news
When to my surprise I ran into an old friend

‘Twas an Amazon from the wonderful days gone by
A comrade and warrior from long ago
A friend who walked with me and loves our Big Guy
And who also told stories of his adventures to and fro

As we sat and caught up she shared happy news
A celebration was drawing friends from near and far
Our dear Kevin was not sharing the clues
But the celebration of his birth was about to start

Excitement began to flow thru my veins
A smile crossed my weary face
Was time to gather our sisters together
And begin to decorate this quiet place

It had been a while since we’d gathered together in force
His faithful Amazons had been pretty quiet
But still we were near quietly staying the course
Now we joyfully prepared to start a happy riot

Its time to count our numbers
Its time to stand up and shout
His sweet Amazons no longer slumber
From every corner they’re dancing out

Each Amazon shouting their happy salutations
Each one crying out their wishes to the sky
All carrying presents and congratulations
We’re all here to celebrate the birthday of our Big Guy

Knowing he likes to keep it to himself
And not tell the world he’s a year older
His Amazons remind him he’s the same to them
And the Happy Birthday sign goes up from its folder

It’s time to celebrate; it’s time to dance
It’s time to gather together friends from times gone by
And share our love and stories of adventure and romance
And wish Happy Birthday and joy to our one and only Big Guy

We want you to know our hearts are bursting with joy
At the journey you’ve traveled and the great things you’ve done
The place you’ve come from and the places you are going
We stand together as always celebrating with you as ONE

So on your special day Kevin we send our love and cheer
We dance and sing and laugh still dear friends
Remember Kevin it is you that’s the reason for this lifetime bond
And YOU are the good and kind person who has brought us here

Remember Kevin no matter where you travel no matter where you go
Your Amazons are still here standing strong: It’s not past
We send this Amazon Birthday wish so you will always know
We stand with you all way, Your Ole Amazons love stands fast

Here’s the second of Jacqui-D’s Happy Birthday, Kevin videos:

Happy Day Before Your Birthday, Kevin Sorbo. Let’s Party!

September 23, 2012 2 comments

Tomorrow is Kevin’s birthday. Wahoooo! Or as he says, “Uggggh…”

In either case, I’ve decided to officially make September 24, on my blog anyway…

International Kevin Sorbo Day!!!

Who wants to celebrate???? Yeeehawwww!!!

Let’s get this party started!

Here are a few vids to whet your appetite:

Jacqui-D posted the first of three she made. Watch for the second one tomorrow and the third on Tuesday. (That’s her singing, BTW, very nice!!!)

This one is by Malena from her beautiful artwork:

Teresa made this one with all kinds of cool special effects:

Thanks, Kevin Sorbo fans, for three great years of Sorbo Writer’s Blog!

July 11, 2012 5 comments

Greetings, everyone! I was so busy trying to keep up with Kevin and all of your excellent stories that I missed our Sorbo Writer’s Blog’s second anniversary last year. Sheesh! Does time ever fly?!

We are now on our third year of this blog thanks to you, Kevin’s incredible, loyal fans! Many, many thanks for your friendships and support, for sharing this blog, and for continuing to send stuff to me, as well as for your understanding that no matter how tardy I might be with posts, I love hearing from you all and am doing my best to share everything.

So, here are the beautiful artworks created previously by our wonderfully talented artists Evelyne, Mara, Loli, Malena and Aliykat to celebrate 2011, and now 2012.

Thank you so, so much, my amazing friends! Enjoy!

Sanne’s Christmas art for Kevin Sorbo and fans

December 25, 2011 3 comments

Hi, everyone, a very Merry Christmas to you all!

This year I wish to share Sanne’s beautiful holiday message with you. She is one of our amazing Kevin artists who also creates our monthly calendars.

Sanne recently revamped her popular Sorbo’s-Tribute website (story to come) and gave us some stunning art for Advent, as well as many other lovely pieces. She topped her Christmas art this year with the following great collage. Many, many thanks, dear friend!