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Kevin Sorbo: “All of it was beautiful!”

November 27, 2009 12 comments

 This incredibly touching story comes from Viviane, a Brazilian Forum member:

It all started when I saw the teaser of the movie, “Hercules and Cerberus.” I had not a color T.V., but I was all excited to watch the movie.

When he finally came into screen, my God! I was in love with him!

I wondered if his eyes were green or blue. In black and white T.V. I could see only that his eyes were clear.

At that time I worked in a hotel and reception had a color T.V., and because the film was a success, the channel re-ran it fast. So, I did my job well in time to watch the movie on T.V. in color. My boss also liked it and watched with me! Finally, I could see that his eyes were blue! Beautiful! All of it was beautiful! Hercules is a show man!

Then the other movies were shown, and I did not lose any, then the series. To watch the series was a struggle at first… I used to run home to watch the shows…

Then came the time when the channel kept shifting the show times of the series. I remember getting up at dawn so I could watch “Hercules” until finally it went to be shown on Sunday mornings.

I once had to do a tour (this time I had color T.V.). I remember that I did my best to get back on Saturday… lol! so I’d be at home on Sunday to see my beautiful actor!

I was having classes at that time, and the teacher asked me to make a descriptive essay. Well… already know who I described? Hercules of course! Any day I´ll show it for you (smile)… I got the highest score. The writing was not as good, but the teacher loved the way I described the hero!

Do not think that I did not face prejudice! Ah, I was rather criticized… even my family, not to mention the jealousy that my husband had about Kevin, while I was (hidden) watching the show!

But, I’ve never regretted that I did everything in my power to follow the series! Not (sorry for) being a fan of Kevin Sorbo! On the contrary, I am proud! And everything, every fact or new job Kevin gets, I’ve never been wrong by admiring it. It’s like I always say: “Kevin is so special; I’m happy just to know that he exists.”

My story has not many important facts nor ends with a cry of joy… because I have not met him personally. But, I know one day I will meet him and this will certainly be a very important day in my life. And then you have my cry of joy! Ah, and also our picture together!

In this particular sad moment of my life, facing my husband recently passing away, Kevin is an example to me of strength to move on without getting into sorrow…

See, when Kevin turned 50 years, he said he felt sorry for that… Aging is boring… However, he knows how to live each stage of his life with wisdom, and (how to) keep us happy with his talented work.

But, above all, it is important that he remains in my heart for a long time, and it was because of him I met you and all the girls in the Forum. You all help me in a special way you all cannot imagine… If it was not for Kevin and you guys (at) that time, my life would be harder to be lived…

I think (this) is all. I wish I could say more, but I guess what I feel will stay forever in me.


Kevin Sorbo meets with Euro fans, 2007

November 23, 2009 1 comment

Anne added this great account of the OEKSFC meeting with Kevin at Collectormania, 2007:

The Club meeting with Kevin 

It turned 8 pm, and very slowly the fans that sat in the adjoining room before came to join us.

Heidi, Regina and I placed ourselves in the first row. Heidi, as representative for the club, had the seat opposite Kevin, then Regina and I sat down.

Everybody was chatting exitedly, until the room suddenly got quiet. No one had heard Kevin come, but everybody had felt it: Kevin has such an incredible charismatic vibrancy, that he gets all attention at once when he enters a room.

Kevin greeted us with a friendly charming smile and sat down at the table… He looked rather tired.

I noticed Heidi was getting nervous, and gave her an encouring wink. “You’ll manage.”

After a short introduction and greetings from Heidi Kevin started to report about his movies, the new offered he had; he reported very humorously and charmingly. Everything was going well for him at that time, which all of us were glad about. Then we asked the questions we had for him. It was very difficult for me to follow Kevin’s reports because I hardly understood him; therefore, I concentrated on photographing and trying to get as many pictures as possible.

Finally, I managed to get rid of my question for Kevin. I asked him about his work with the horses, his riding lessons and how he coped with these. Kevin looked at me friendly and began to talk. Actually, he took care with his pronounciation so that I understood him without difficulties. Yes, he had had much fun with the horses, he had been riding every day.

One of of the fans asked him if his body-hair that he had had to shave off completely for his last movie had regrown in the meantime. Kevin threw a naughty smile to the fans and pulled his sweater down so far that we caught a glance at his hairy chest… Everything was as it should be once again.

It was so warm suddenly… did anybody turn up the heating in the room?

Time was running, and Heidi informed Kevin that some of us brought gifts for him and we would like to give them to him. One of the girls rushed to him immediately. When she finished giving her present to him, I reached under my chair and walked up to Kevin, armed with the paper-bag containing the wheat bear and the heart.

 “Kevin, here is something for you from Munich, I hope you like it.” I shortly hesitated, but then I reached into the bag courageously and put the heart around his neck. Now Kevin got up curiously, and before he coule say anything, I returned to my seat. Inquisitively Kevin inspected the gingerbread heart and then glanced quizzically into the bag that I had placed at the table in front of him. He discovered the bottle of wheat beer and pulled it out.

 A delighted smile flitted across his face –  well, seemingly I had chosen the right present for him.

One fan after the other came to Kevin to give him their presents. His table soon looked like a Chrismassy table for presents. Kevin accepted his presents with a charming friendly smile. Time kept running. We asked Kevin for a group photo, which he granted at once.

Everybody left the room to line up outside. Suddenly, only Claudia, Kevin and I were left in the room… (at least that’s what I believe). Claudia asked Kevin whether he would pose for a photo with me, because I couldn’t come to the official photo shooting: I would already be on my way back home at this time.

Kevin looked at me friendly, “Yes, of course, let’s stand over at the jalousie.” He put his arm around me and pulled me gently towards him. Claudia said something to Kevin, which I didn‘t understand, but before I knew what happened to me Kevin turned me towards him.

“What’s this going to be?” I thought dizzily, and at the same moment Kevin hugged me with both his arms and held me. What a magnificent prison!!!! I almost vanished in this hug. Claudia pulled the trigger… and the photo came out super nice…

Dizzily I disengagde and was not even capable to say “thank you.“ Suddenly there were people standing in the room again, and Kevin moved towards the door.

 Outside the fans already had taken position and waited for Kevin impatiently… He went to them.

The group photos were in the camera, and Kevin camr back to the meeting room to gather his presents.

At the door Kevin turned around once more and looked at me. “You are going back to Munich tomorrow, already?” he asked. “Yes”, I confirmed. Kevin smiled. “Then I wish you a good journey.“ “Thank you, the same to you.“ I answered. A friendly nod, then Kevin vanished.

On Sunday morning time came for the first farewells. Heidi and Regina went to the Collectormania again for the official photo shooting with Kevin, while Claudia and I later went on the bus to Heathrow. We were on our way back home.

It was a very great time to meet all the new nice friends and also Kevin.

Hope I see him again.

Anne – Translation by Heidi  (Thanks, Heidi!)

Kevin Sorbo at Collectormania, 2007

November 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Anne sent this recap from two years ago:

Collectormania 2007, October 26 -28, in Milton Keynes, UK

Where shall I start this report now that I’m back home after my weekend adventure? Most suitable right in Milton Keynes, for this will certainly be the most interesting part of it.

The Middleton Hall:
A huge mall with a sheer endless shopping mile right in the middle (of) the Collectormania has been set up. Curiously we looked around. We approached the autograph booths where the stars write their autographs. Kevin Sorbo’s table was still empty. Like at the job centre we had to draw numbers, according to which we get access to Kevin’s table later on. Heidi, Regina and I had the numbers 5, 6, and 7 – mine is number 6. As Kevin wasn‘t here yet, we decided to go for a walk among the stands. When we were back and I looked around the corner, Kevin was just entering through the door, stretched and sat down. Oh heaven, he looked good.

“Kevin is here”, I said to Regina and Heidi, and we lined up. Right before us there was a young man who took his time with Kevin, and I had the opportunity to watch the proceedings quietly. Now Kevin’s table was free, and nobody was coming. The steward or bodyguard… whatever… glanced at us questioningly, and so we now decided to go to Kevin, who was looking at us expectantly.

Before we finally reached Kevin’s place we passed a table with many photos for autographs. I chose the one I liked best and asked whether I might get an autograph on a picture I brought with me. The young man in charge of the photos nodded, however I had to pay for that, too. No problem, I had reckoned with that. I paid and sorted out all slips of paper I was holding in my hand, including the pictures… what a chaos. In the meantime Regina had arrived at Kevin’s table and talked with him… hey! German words from Kevin’s mouth … quite clearly Kevin is speaking in German with Regina. Regina spoke English rather fluently, nevertheless, she was greeted by Kevin in German…
now, there was room for hope.

In the meantime Regina had finished and it was my turn… yes, if it would have been as simple as that. Suddenly, everything had vanished. My file with the pictures, my receipt for two autographs, nothing was to be found anymore. Impatiently, the lady who attended to Kevin during the con glanced at me. I got more nervous as Kevin had noticed my action in the meantime and was watching me curiously. His face showed an amused grin, one eyebrow was lifted quizzically.

Blimey! Where was this darned little slip of paper? Desperately I cried, “HEIDI!” She had been behind me all the time, but now she seemed to be swallowed by the ground. I cautiously looked to Kevin, whose grin was getting broader…. oh shame! I would have liked best to sink into the floor…

Oh, and quite suddenly this daft slip of paper has reappeared and my pictures already lay on the table in front of Kevin…. how did this happen…? Most queer, Kevin’s attendant didn‘t want to see my slip of paper anymore… my nerves fluttered as well as my stomach. Totally unnerved I turned to Kevin, who grinned at me and then asked me quite nicely and friendly: “How are you?”

Suddenly my nervousness was blown away. Calmly and totally familiar I started to talk to Kevin, in fact in English, like it had never been otherwise. (Why did he let me labour in English while he talked to Regina in German before…? Can’t believe it!)

I told him that I come from Munich at which Kevin smiled delightedly. He said to me that he has lived in Munich, in Schwabing. He also named the street, but, as I have a very bad memory for street names, I forgot it at once. (For now, I know it was Leopoldstrasse the centre of Schwabing in Munich)

I nodded. “Yes, I know,“ I confirmed, and after a few further words Heidi was suddenly standing beside me… where had she suddenly come from???

Heidi explained to Kevin that I am the webmaster of his European fan club and designed the homepage and look after it. Kevin looked at me with a friendly and approving smile and said something like, “You’re doing a great job.”

Suddenly I was quite shy again and mumbled a timid, “thank you.“

Now I turned to the pictures I’d liked Kevin to sign. He signed the beautiful Kull-photo with “To Anne, all my Love.”

Wowhhhh! I was speechless at first. Then I showed him the collage that I had tinkered together with Klaus. It depicted Kevin as Hercules in an episode in which he participated at a drinking competition and was very hangoverish afterwards. In front of him stood an empty bottle: “Ouzo Hercules.“

I explained to Kevin that my husband Klaus would like to have this signed by him. Kevin looked at the picture quite some time, and his face showed an amused smile. He considered shortly and wrote smirkingly, “To Klaus, I`ll take one more Beer.“

I read it and thought merrily, Oh, dear Kevin, you’ll get your beer this evening alright. For I had brought for him a bottle of wheat beer, which he liked so much, and a heart from the Oktoberfest.

I thanked Kevin and packed my things. Cautiously I asked, “Kevin, may I make a photo with you?” He looked at me friendly. “Sure”, he said and got up.

Ufffzzz… if until now I had to look down to Kevin, the moment he got up, that changed abruptly, for I had to look way up. Kevin was huge. He leaned across the table and put his arm around my shoulder, and, like a matter of course, I put my arm around his waist. He felt great. Regina and Heidi both took photos and took their time with it. But eventually this nice moment ended. Kevin and I disengaged; I thanked him once again and said good bye with:”See you later!”

Kevin nodded and smiled.

Donate to fan sponsorship for Kevin’s 2nd Annual Golf Tournament

November 16, 2009 3 comments

This news is so amazing that I could hardly contain myself until everything was organized! I hope you think so, too.

Stripe, the OIKSFC president, Tonya, and I discussed earlier this year if and how fans could donate to Kevin’s tournament in Vegas on June 10-11, on behalf of all of us. I placed an announcement here seeking input (see previous post), and many of you offered some great ideas for which we thank you.

Well, everything is now in place, and we are ready to start accepting donations for a fan table/sponsorship at Kevin’s tournament via the OIKSFC’s excellent website. Stripe is meticulously tallying funds, and we have some amenities to offer two lucky donors.

We wish to aim for the basic $1,000.00 (US dollars), but if we raise $1,500.00 or more, one fortunate fan gets to participate on the greens. Not me though, I almost hit a cow during my last venture on a Par 3 course! Also, the person with the highest cumulative donation from now until June 1, receives a ticket to the awards dinner with Kevin and guests! Wooohooo! How’s that for incentive?

Please read all about it here:

Thanks, everyone!! Together we can do this… And thanks, Linda, for the use of your great photos!

A special thanks to Kevin’s fans

November 15, 2009 5 comments

untitledxdsThis may seem rather maudlin, but I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed in various ways to this blog. I know that if I try to name names I will inadvertently miss someone, and that is not my intent. So, everyone, please accept my gratitude…

 I wish to thank the following:

  • The artists and vidders who so willingly share their amazing creations with us;
  • The writers who unselfishly give of themselves that we may become friends;
  • Kevin’s Official site, fan clubs and personal sites/blogs that added this little blog to their sites so that we may share our stories;
  • The forums that willingly, kindly welcomed this blog for all of us to share our love of Kevin;
  • The translators who tirelessly, seemingly effortlessly make this blog available to fans around the world;kev21
  • The readers who comment and those who just enjoy silently for their continued support;
  • Those who tweet on Twitter, mention on FaceBook, or whatever, this and other links to further our international friendships;
  • Those who have connected with me via the various worldwide media through which we are now friends;
  • And finally, the Big Guy, who brought us all together…

 Thanks, Kevin!!!

We know that a part of your desire to act was to touch people… but did you ever dream that you would reach so far???


Kevin at Collectormania, 2007

November 14, 2009 1 comment

Teresa wrote this fun story about her time with Kevin at Collectormania in 2007:

SORBO_002-1Well, this was the second time I saw Kevin, and was as excited as at Heathrow (in) 2004 (see previous post).

We headed to a big shopping center where the expo was being held, and we went to Kevin´s table. I had to stand far away and breathe deeply, excited by seeing him again.

As I got to his table I showed him the photo from Heathrow so he could learn who I was. I said, “I´m Teresa. Speak Spanish?”

I always ask him the same question. I usually deliver a note to Kevin in English, spelling all I want to say to him.

He said he´d had no time to learn, but would speak Spanish because he liked to hear me speaking. So… I did…

He signed the photos, and my friend Sandra and I took a picture with Kevin. Too soon we returned to theSORBO_004-1 table to get us more photos… never rest… (smiling).

By afternoon we had the meeting of the fan club with Kevin. It took time for us to find the hotel because we misunderstood its address. We got to the room 30 minutes later. I was very upset about it, but after he answered our questions I was able to give Kevin some gifts for their children, and he signed for me some pictures.

Kevin was very nice, but he seemed a bit tired and so serious. I guessed it was the jet lag.

Sunday was the day for the photos op; Kevin is always on time. I purchased two, one of them with my friend along with Kevin. When I was posing with Kevin he asked me, “How are you?” in Spanish. I told him, “Very well,” (because) I was. He said, “My house is your house,” in Spanish, and I said, “Thanks,” stroking his back. Kevin would not let me go, and the photographer (took) instead of two photos, made three.

SORBO_003-1When collecting the photos two hours later our surprise was that I had three pictures and my friend, two…. Thanks, Kevin!

The expo came to an end, and I could never leave without saying goodbye to Kevin. I bought some candy for his three kids, and I had to ask some people to allow me to give them to him. I finally got close to him… Kevin likes perseverant people.

I was at his table and I said they were a candy gift for his children. He said I was so sweet… I wished him a safe trip back home, and Kevin gave me a kiss and hug, and said, “All my best,” to me.

There is a third meeting in Bonn with Kevin, but that’s another story…  (see previous posts).


I can only say one thing to Kevin: Thanks for being you!LOLI_005

Did Kevin portray the real Hercules?

November 11, 2009 1 comment

29The Hercules myth offers insight into key elements of the human psyche: anger, aggression, ego, and humility. It represents growth through self-control and awareness, compassion, and determination.

As Hera toyed with Hercules’ mind, forcing him to murder his family then pay a heavy penance, the Twelve Labors, he needed to control this imposed madness in order to complete the grueling tasks. He realized that performing good deeds helped him curtail his anger, and through these acts of kindness discover his inner strength. He eventually conquered his demons, achieving fame and immortality, and became one of the mostherc318 beloved Greek heroes.

The tale’s message remains relevant today as we examine the causes and effects of violence in our society. It also offers hope that we can overcome whatever travails lie ahead.

I found the following articles by Dr. Stephen Diamond on “Psychology Today” magazine’s website and wanted to share them with you. Both are a bit long, but well worth reading if you wish to delve into the psychology and symbolism of the Hercules myth.

“Why Myths Still Matter: Hercules and His Twelve Healing Labors”

“Why Myths Still Matter (Part Two): Cleaning the Augean Stables”





So, after perusing these items, do you think Kevin captured Hercules’  indomitable spirit?