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Kevin Sorbo receives Grace Award nomination for “What If…”

January 30, 2011 7 comments

Kevin just announced his recent Grace Award nomination from for “Most Inspirational Performance in a Movie” for his portrayal of Ben Walker in What If… Very cool! Here’s a portion of the notification he received:

“January 29, 2011

Dear Kevin:

Congratulations! On behalf of Dr. Ted Baehr, I am delighted to inform you that you have been nominated for the Grace Award for the Most Inspirational Performance in a Movie for your role in What If. The winner will be announced at the 19th Annual MOVIEGUIDE® Awards Gala. We are so thrilled to have you as a presenter as well as our honored guest.

Please find the gala details below:

19th Annual MOVIEGUIDE® Awards Gala
Friday, February 18, 2011

The Sierra Ballroom at Hilton Universal City
555 Universal Hollywood Drive
Universal City, CA 91608”

The film, written by Jerry B. Jenkins and directed by his son, Dallas, also received a Grace Award nomination for “10 Best Films for Family Audiences.” Congratulations, everyone! We hope you win!!!

Please see more information here:

(Photo courtesy of Jenkins Entertainment)


Kevin Sorbo: “When I saw the actor he got my attention…”

January 25, 2011 3 comments

One of our many great Kevin artists, Malena from Chile, provided this sweet story of how she became a Kevin fan. Thanks, Malena, for your kind words and beautiful art!

I learned about Kevin by watching a T.V. show named, “Hercules.” When I saw the actor he got my attention… so manly, so attractive… I could not not watch the show…

The years kept passing by. I kept collecting photos about Kevin, for at that time I was not able to get more information about him.

One day, I had a dream about him: We were at (the) “Hercules” set. He hugged me so tenderly. It was a lovely dream, and since that day I really got hooked.

My son got me a Facebook account (and) I’ve learned of how generous (Kevin) is. He’s really engaged (with) charity causes; he helps people. That really touches me, and I admire him more and more.

Kevin’s got a beautiful family; his kids are wonderful!

It would be wonderful if one day I could be able to meet him in person… I’d hug him like in my “Herc” dream.

I always ask the Lord to protect him and his family.

That’s all… Kevin is love! I love you, Kevin!

(Artwork by Malena)

Answers to Kevin Sorbo crossword puzzle #2: Television Show Titles

January 23, 2011 2 comments

Whoops! With all of the the Christmas holiday chaos and so much exciting Kevin news, I almost forgot to give you the answers to the last crossword puzzle! I’m working on two more that I hope you will like. Meanwhile, how did you do with this one?


4.   He played a Bounty Hunter in this: psych

6.   He played himself in this sketch comedy program: madtv

8.   He was hot in a hot tub: twoandahalfmen

9.   This featured him as Dr. Thaddeus Kocinski: conditioncritical

12. This infamous series launched his career: herculesthelegendaryjourneys

13. He stole Maya’s heart for two episodes in this: justshootme

14. Kelly Ripa thought he was a homeless guy in this: hopeandfaith

16. Clown porn was found in his possession in this: theoc

19. He played opposite Angela Lansbury in this: murdershewrote

20. He occasionally appeared in this “Hercules” spinoff: xenawarriorprincess


1.   He tutored as “Charlie” for four episodes: dharmaandgreg

2.   This show, waiting to air, stars him as Sheriff Rick: wolfcanyon

3.   He played Mark in this 1993 detective show: thecommish

5.   This 1986 soap opera was his television debut: santabarbara

7.   He was this eponymous show title and actress’ love interest: cybill

10. Jim Belushi punched him in this: accordingtojim

11. The program and ship were named this: andromeda

15. He was this former hero turned bad guy: themiddleman

17. He sat at the bar and was uncredited for his appearance: cheers

18. He appeared twice as Father John in this: loveinc

(Screencaps by Loli)

Kevin Sorbo 2011 calendars… Free English and Spanish downloads!

January 21, 2011 4 comments

Do you still need a 2011 calendar? Our lovely friend Mara from Brazil created two exquisite Kevin calendars for this year – one for everyday use and another for, um, your dreams… Here’s her tale of how and why she made them for us… And they’re FREE to download! I printed mine on glossy photographic paper available at most office and photography supply stores. Cool! Obrigada, querida!!!

I think all us fans -Kevin’s fans- would agree on how handsome and elegant he looks. And that his eyes are beautiful and expressive in their deep blue sea color. And, let’s be honest, how sexy he is…

Looking at pictures and captures of Kevin and his characters, ideas began to emerge on my mind and I kept talking to myself: “On this landscape he would look great…or how this angle or this particular photo or collage would look put in the spotlight. Scenes from his films, especially ‘Hercules,’ would make a beautiful collage this way.” And so on…

This way, early last year I had the idea to make the calendars, at first just for me.

I should tell you, something magical happens when you’re choosing collages about Kevin. You focus on what is most beautiful and special about him, what spots would look like him. And then when you go cutting the photos, appreciating the look of his body, his eyes, the expressions on his face… and suddenly it seems like you’re painting a Kevin’s portrait or making a statue of him… It’s as if you were close to Kevin himself.

Those who make collages (about) Kevin must feel the same. It’s as if we create a living link between the person doing the work and the character of Kevin.

As I was fortunate and honored enough to know Kevin personally, I felt very close to him when I made the Dreams Calendar. It seemed that I was talking to Kevin, touching him… I also meant to show how sweet he is by the collages on those special calendars. There is always one picture of Kevin looking at us on each month.

When I came to think it could be a good idea to share calendars with fans who might want them, too, then I’d remade again each collage in order to make them as nice as possible. I had shown the collages (to) my sister and a friend, and they encouraged me to make the calendars for those who might like them, too.

That was how, after several months, the two collections were born… I sent a message to Sam Sorbo asking her permission to expose the sexy collages from the Dreams Calendar because I think they are more sensual, and she kindly allowed me to.

My only intention was that each fan who might like the calendars could look at Kevin each morning and see the day become more cheerful… I am not a professional, just a fan who really loves Kevin’s work and his generous, sweet heart. So, the calendars are available to be printed for free for I think fans would like to look at Kevin every day on them as I do…

Here they are in English:

And in Spanish:

Calendários feitos por Mara para fãs de Kevin Sorbo sem intenção de lucro.

Calendars made by Mara for Kevin Sorbo’s fans, no profit made. All pictures used under permission.

(Artwork courtesy of Mara)

Kevin Sorbo’s “What If…” airs on TV and new DVD release!

January 15, 2011 6 comments

The Gospel Music Channel (gmc) presents the World Television Premiere of What If… on Sunday, January 30, at 7 p.m. ET, preceding its March 1, 2011, DVD release. The faith-based film, which originally played* in theaters nationwide to rave reviews, stars Kevin Sorbo, John Ratzenberger, Kristy Swanson, Debby Ryan, and newcomer, Taylor Groothuis. The movie encores at 9 and 11 p.m. ET that night.

Distributed by Pure Flix Entertainment and produced by Jenkins Entertainment, What If… is the combined effort of Scriptwriter/Executive Producer Jerry B. Jenkins, author of the Left Behind series and Riven, and his son, Director/Producer, Dallas, who directed the short films, Cliché and Midnight Clear. Together they created this wonderful, uplifting family feature that began shooting in mid-2009 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What If… depicts the journey of highly-paid executive Ben Walker (Sorbo) as he travels into his past to discover a very different life, one that he forsook 15 years prior. He leaves behind his business career, trophy fiancée, and new Mercedes and replaces them with the simplicity of marriage and children, as well as fulfills his destiny.

“I loved the script, plain and simple,” Sorbo explained. “I liked the story, (and) the cast and crew all worked for virtually nothing. We got involved because of the story. It’s just wonderful! This is a movie that will touch people in many ways and give them a roller coaster of emotions that will leave them wanting more.”

Walker’s adventure begins with a joyride in his newly-purchased car that malfunctions, leaving him stranded. A mysterious time-beat later he finds himself miles away from his destination and just outside of the town he left 15 years earlier. A passing tow truck driver (Ratzenberger) offers to help, then confesses that he’s an angel sent from God to rectify Walker’s decision to leave the ministry and Wendy, the woman he loved (Swanson), to pursue his present situation.

Mike the Angel drops him into the middle of domestic chaos surrounded by Wendy and two young girls (Ryan, Groothuis) whom he soon discovers are his wife and daughters. Confused and reluctant to accept his familial role, Walker tries to convince them that he doesn’t belong there. When he finally acquiesces, they drag him to church where he is its new pastor. But, unbeknownst to him he must accept this reality in order to return to his old life, and thus, begins his journey of faith, family, and love.

“The performances are terrific; especially Kevin, who I think will surprise people with his performance,” stated Dallas Jenkins. “The film has a lot of heart and a great message about faith and family without being preachy. I’m also fairly certain you’ll laugh and cry!”

The pair hopes that the gmc airing will generate an avid audience, especially since What If…will no longer appear in theaters following its March, 2011, DVD launch. The television network also wants to promote the movie’s sales, as well as increase its own viewership.

Dallas Jenkins, Kevin Sorbo

“Hopefully, it will create stronger word-of-mouth publicity. The film has been out in the theaters since August and is still cruising along,” said Sorbo. “There is no big studio behind it pushing it with a big advertising campaign… just word-of-mouth. It’s pretty impressive, actually. Too bad it doesn’t have that studio push, since it would be a much bigger hit than it is right now. I am hoping that the T.V. premiere will make people want to get the video when it comes out this spring to share with other friends and family.

What If… is touching, funny, inspirational, sad and enlightening. Make your bowl of popcorn and let the problems of the world go away. Enjoy and be motivated to do something positive with your life!”

“Fans should buy What If… at or Walmart, or it should be available at most outlets,” Jenkins added. “It will be available in Europe eventually, (but) I’m not sure when or where yet.”

The gmc network features music and inspirational stories for the whole family. It’s the only T.V. network with every program certified as “family safe” by the Parents Television Council.

Additional air dates (ET):

Monday, January 31, 9 p.m.
Tuesday, February 1, 11 p.m.
Friday, February 4, 8 and 10 p.m.
Sunday, February 6, 5 p.m.

*See this link for the current theater schedule:

Visit the following for more information:

(Photos and video courtesy of Jenkins Entertainment)

Who’s the REAL Kevin Sorbo on Facebook?

January 12, 2011 11 comments

The advent of Facebook’s new profile has resurfaced a question that has plagued celebrity fans for some time: How to know if an account is the real celebrity? Many imposters have established pages using celebrities’ names and posted information that misleads the public to believe they are whom they claim to be.

Kevin is not immune to this. A search on Facebook reveals numerous accounts using his name. Most are fake.

Which one is the REAL Kevin Sorbo? How do you know it’s him and not just another poser?

As a freelance writer I have had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Kevin several times throughout his exciting career. We have discussed his Twitter and Facebook pages, most recently at Baltimore’s Shore Leave Convention last July.

The account listed as Kevin Sorbo Official Facebook Page is REALLY HIS! Cool! And he posts to it when he is able… politics, jokes, movie trailers, interviews, and so much more! He’s an interesting, intelligent, entertaining guy…

But, remember: He’s also a very busy working actor/director/producer, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, friend, philanthropist, and golfer. And he still makes time to work out, which we love! Answering questions and commenting to fans’ posts is demanding. I believe that he enjoys and respects peoples’ ideas, opinions, and other posts, but, which of us has time to address everything we read? I’m certain that he tries his best.

So, for your daily dose of Kevin Sorbo on Facebook,

“Like” the Kevin Sorbo Official Facebook Page that has this image:

He’s the real deal…  Leave the posers behind…

There’s only ONE Kevin Sorbo! And that’s all we need… 🙂

Kevin Sorbo Official Facebook Page:

(Photo courtesy of Kevin Sorbo)