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If I can, I will take the puzzle for Kevin Sorbo to sign it…

Speaking of puzzles, Fatima from Spain sent this cool story with pictures of her “Hercules” jigsaw puzzle. Read through to the end. We wish her all the luck in the world to win at the Basauri Convention next year. Fingers crossed for you, Fatima!

First of all, I would like to say that the T.V. show, “Hercules,” made my childhood very amusing, funny, and I would say that it “contributed” to wake up the typical feelings of a teenager, too. I loved it!! I waited anxiously every evening to watch it. I have always loved mythology, and even though the stories of each episode didn’t follow the books I had read literally, I felt obliged to let it go if Kevin was in the middle.

The fan feeling appeared when I was 11 years old, more or less. I used to read all the T.V. magazines to see if (Kevin) appeared, and record all the episodes to watch them again and again. I photocopied his pictures and cut them to paste the copies on my door not to destroy the original document. And, I even asked my mum to buy me the Hercules cookies. I was soooooo obsessed that I started practising judo to be as strong as he was and impress him in case some day I finally meet him, so you can imagine!!

But, my mother got ill and she died when I was 16 years old. I couldn’t stand T.V. shows. “That is not real life,” I thought. So, in a way I “forgot” Kevin. Years passed, I matured, went to University, and after finishing my studies I started working. I am a librarian, I love it!!

Some day not too far away, a boy came to me to ask me if there was any book in the library about the “Twelve Hercules tasks.” That question made me remember younger times, and it made me think: “What will have happened with that man?? Will have he supplanted Zeus in Olimpo and I have not realized??” LOL! So, it was in this way how I caught up with new shows, films, or events that Kevin had been involved (with) during all these years of “blank” for me. I have to say that what impressed me the most was knowing that Kevin and Sam got married! I got excited!! That lovely story made true!!

So, I joined the OEKSFC (Official European Kevin Sorbo Fan Club), and here I am showing you this puzzle.

Making puzzles is one of my best-loved hobbies. My boyfriend knows that, of course. So, since I had again a crush on Kevin, with (my boyfriend’s) permission, obviously, he thought that it would be a great idea (to) mix both passions and give it to me as a present.

To be honest, I was the first one who thought about it, but, I couldn’t find any shop that makes at least a 1000-piece puzzle with a photo of your own, so I kept my idea for me.

But, he is much more in the online world than me, and he finally found this website where you can order a 2000-piece personalized puzzle. We searched in my computer (for) a good picture of Kevin playing Hercules (it couldn’t be any other character), and we added to the picture the “Hercules” logo and his name on top. So, when the picture was ready to send, he sent it to order the puzzle, and it arrived just four days after! Just in time for my Saint’s day.

I couldn’t wait to see it made!! I don’t usually make puzzles during spring or summer, but, I made an exception with this!! I thought that it would take me less time than other ones, but, quite the opposite; I think the anxiety makes you work slower and clumsily.

This is the result, the same day I finished it.

I am a renewed fan now, waiting (for) February anxiously to see if I can finally meet Kevin in Basauri (Spain) and all (the) wonderful girls. If I can, I will take the puzzle for Kevin to sign it. I entered in a contest in this convention, too. Let’s see what happens…Wish me luck!!

  1. teresa
    October 23, 2010 at 4:23 am

    grabare la cara de kevin cuando vea tu puzzle,y referente al concurso…haremos lo que podamos jjajajaja,lo hacemos por kevin.

    kevin engrave the face when you see your puzzle, and with reference to the contest … we’ll do our jjajajaja, do it for kevin.

  2. October 23, 2010 at 6:49 am

    Fatima, this is a WONDERFUL puzzle! I wish you all the luck!
    Jan, thank you so much for posting, it´s a wodnerful interesting puzzle indeed!

  3. Fátima Canosa Pena
    October 24, 2010 at 7:03 am

    Muchísimas gracias por vuestros comentarios!! Claro que sí Teresa, las de Andomeda vamos a arrasar!!! o al menos pasar un buen rato jajajajaja

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